Gods & Spirits

Listed below are the gods and spirits who I mention in my blog posts. They are the cast of my religio-magical life.


ANUBIS. The ancient Egyptian god of funerals. Anubis introduced me to Paganism when I was 13 years old and brought me back to it after a brief period of atheism. Because of that, I consider Him to be my patron deity. I am also oath-bound to Him, which means that I serve Him in the mortal realm as a death worker, someone who does His work and carries out His bidding. Though Anubis is essentially my boss, He is also a parental figure to me, and our relationship is reminiscent of the bond between a father and a grown child.

TYR. The Norse god of battle, law, and courage. Since Heathenry is my hearth culture, Tyr dominates my private life and oversees my shadow work. Though He always pushes me outside of my comfort zone, He also always makes me feel safe and loved during hard times. Our relationship is one of deep love and trust.

PERSEPHONE. The Greek goddess of spring and the Underworld. Persephone always appears to me as the Iron Queen, Wife of Hades. She is my role model for a powerful, independent, and confident woman. I am not as close to Persephone as I am with Anubis and Tyr, but nevertheless, I get the sense that She is always watching over me. She is also one of my reiki guides.


GIENAH. A crow spirit. Gienah was the first spirit I ever met in the Otherworld, and he acts as my journeying companion. He helps me navigate the Otherworld and warns me of approaching dangers. He can shapeshift into other animals, as well as increase his size. Occasionally, he will have a third, golden eye.

IGVRID. My fylgja, which takes the form of a bobcat. Igvrid is one of my reiki guides.

Q. An unknown spirit, who possesses the body of a reindeer but a red, human face. Q’s antlers are impossibly wide; countless small bells hang from them. It is a protective spirit who has watched over me ever since I was a child. Q and I have a contract that involves it protecting my house and belongings as well.

TRUTH SPEAKER. An ancestor spirit taking the form of an old woman. While alive, Truth Speaker was a babaylan in pre-colonial Philippines, but has since lost her true name. She is one of my reiki guides.

JORGE. An ancestor spirit taking the form of an adult man. Jorge lived during the middle of the 20th century. He prepared and distributed white candles wrapped in white ribbon to his village.

MARGARITA. An ancestor spirit taking the form of a young girl. Margarita lived during the late 19th or early 20th centuries. Her desire for love and attention manifests as pain.

THE WOLVES. A pack of wolf spirits who can transform into warrior men. They live in the forest surrounding my castle in the Otherworld.