Anubis on Spá/Seiðr

tl;dr — It’s fine for me to do it, but I must take care not to overburden myself. It will require a lot of sacrifice (of time, energy, etc.) and I may be prone to giving up on it too quickly. I may experience unnecessary anxiety regarding this project as I start out, but ultimately, it’s a good idea.

Reiki I & II Lessons / Attunement

Yesterday, I traveled to Virginia to participate in a Reiki I workshop led by two friends of mine. I came out of it attuned at the Reiki II level, which is simultaneously awesome and kind of intimidating. But they encouraged me to take it slowly, get through my cleanse period, and practice every day. I took copious notes during the lecture, and they gave me a manual for further reading. Unfortunately, I was unable to practice after my attunement because I had to run to a dinner date, but I can practice at home for now and with my friends when we can schedule it. I should also look into reiki shares, but probably after I’ve practiced a little.

Some key things of note:

  • I have three reiki guides. One of them is Persephone in Her role of Queen of the Underworld; She specifically volunteered to be one of my guides. The other two are a female ancestor and my fylgja, which is an animal spirit intimately tied with one’s soul according to Norse mythology. People might see their fylgja in dreams, but if they ever saw them while awake, it was a portent of death. The exception is for völva, which appears to be what I am now.
  • During my attunement I felt a blockage in my throat but didn’t bother to do anything about it until I scanned myself today. I believe I have successfully removed the blockage with reiki at this point! For now. I recall having throat issues during my last healing session.

Journey 2/2

Randomly went on a healing journey last night while sleeping. I can’t remember what happened before or after, only what happened during the journey part itself.

I guess I was attacked. I started out with this anxious, desperate determination to reach my healing place, my hot spring under the barrow. But instead of going down the stairs into it from the outside, I just flew through the ground, underneath the spring itself. As soon as I entered the spring from below, it became the same white void, and my body became energy again. I felt weak. Heavy clumps of black gunk dissolved quickly from my arms in the hot spring/void.

Afterward, I pulled myself out of the spring with this urgent need to find Gienah. He appeared in normal crow form, and he seemed deeply concerned. I got out of the spring and saw a body on the dais, but I didn’t look closely at it. I felt unnerved by it because I somehow knew it was my body. At one point, though, I did look at the dais again and the body was gone.

Journey 1/23

Bullets, because my brain.

  • Started out in a white room. It was like… all those movie depictions of a virtual world. White, made of tiles/blocks. Some faded in and out, impermanent.
  • I stood in the center of the room and when I put my foot down it transformed from the center outward. A huge bearskin rug. A four-poster bed, some couches in front of a roaring fireplace, double doors leading out to a balcony, some other doors leading elsewhere, and a long table. Stone walls. Some narrow windows. Above, a large skylight? Showing the full moon.
  • I moved to the table. Wooden, unadorned. I thought, “Oh, I can put stuff here.” Nope. It’s my command center console. Holographic panels materialized into existence, at least seven of them, one long one over the tabletop and six in a grid in front of me. The six panels show views of the castle and forest, as if cameras were placed at strategic locations. I know I wanted this setup.
  • I trace the protective/shielding bindrune I made before journeying into a holo-panel on the console. Then I press my palm against it and the camera panels flash, like I had applied the rune to the entire territory.
  • I can hear the wolves howling outside.
  • To my left is a door. It’s wrong. I tear it down and there’s a mirror instead. I can see my reflection in my armor. I reach out and touch the surface with a finger; it ripples like water. I think about visiting the forge, then step into the mirror.
  • Blackness. I’m floating. I see a light way down below me. I think about being there, and in a blink I emerge into a blacksmith’s forge. Details are hazy. I draw a line along the length of a table with my finger and a sword materializes – first made of fire, then cooling to obsidian, then shedding to reveal steel. I swing it a few times.
  • Something laughs at me, a man that transforms into something like a zombie. It wasn’t in the forge before. It approaches with an awkward gait. I frown at it, flick my wrist, and it vanishes. I realize I should have said something to it instead. I feel uneasy.
  • I slam my fist against the same table’s top. The basic frame of a pistol jumps out from the surface of it, but I feel exhausted. I realize I should go back, leaving my next project unfinished. I struggle to get back to my new staging area, that room with the bed and the fireplace.
  • I never got to talk with the wolves.
  • I put the sword on the empty wall by the bed. I think about the pistol, but decide it’s better in the forge, unfinished. I take off my helm. I come out of trance.

Journey 1/22

I started out in my castle, walking down a corridor that led outside. I was wearing my armor. Before exiting to the parapet, I thought to myself that I really ought to finish claiming the castle as mine. A hologram panel, like in science fiction movies, materialized in front of me and I pressed a button on it. I have no idea what that was about.

I moved onto the parapet. The castle and its surrounding forest were snow-covered; the landscape seems to exist in a perpetual winter. How ironic.

I called for Gienah and he flew in, a massive crow, larger than a draft horse. He landed on the parapet in front of me, and I could see the golden eye between his two black ones. I asked him to take me on a healing journey (suggested by Scott), so he told me to climb onto his back. He lowered his wing so I could step on it and haul myself up.

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Contract with Q

Q will:

  • protect my apartment, possessions, and boyfriend from physical, spiritual, and energetic harm
  • alert me if anything happens or is about to happen

I will:

  • offer one raw chicken egg weekly (to be removed after 7 hours)
  • keep the apartment tidy

What is My Witchcraft Aesthetic?

I’m trying to pin down my witchcraft aesthetic and methods. I am definitely an urban witch, but not in the sense of “adapting woods witchcraft to a city.” I’m not a technowitch either; I’m very particular about touch, so I like having physical objects–books, tarot cards, etc. I thought maybe making a photoset would help me out, so I started clicking around tumblr for ideas.

Corporate witchcraft is super interesting to me. My work is not my life, but I love the idea of a stylish, chic witch woman (me) navigating the corporate maze with her subtle witchiness. Things like planning projects and launches around the moon phases, wearing different perfumes depending on what blessing you want, casting a pick-me-up spell into your Starbucks coffee, using your spare change as offerings to the gods and spirits, keeping a sigil for safe travels on your luggage tag… I love all of that. Modern, classy, urban witchcraft.

Journey 10/5

Tonight’s journey did not go very well, or very far. I think it’s because I’m really tired.

I go down the usual hole in the ground. Gienah is with me in the tunnel this time. I practice tearing down my steel plated shield and turning it into a suit of armor. But when I reach the end of the tunnel, I can’t step over the threshold. I feel like I am being pulled back. I sit down.

Gienah looks at me and says we should go through.

Suddenly it is winter in the black forest and I am walking between the pines. The black castle looms above. The sky above it is a winter gray. The lava beneath my steel armor keeps me warm. As I pass the trunks of trees, I touch them with my hands, leaving behind sowilo and wunjo runes. (I don’t realize they are sowilo and wunjo runes until I come out of trance and look them up.) I think to myself that I should put protective runes around the castle and resolve to come back after I’ve memorized them.

I stop in front of a natural-looking archway made by trees. Someone hides behind the other side, but I don’t know who. I don’t sense malevolence, but my gut tells me not to walk through the archway. I turned to my right and head up the hill toward the castle instead.

Gienah flies to my shoulder and I ask him about the secret phrase, but my words and thoughts are sluggish somehow. He does not answer. We do not make it up the hill before he tells me my time is up.

Journey 10/3

a long dark hallway, with torches on the right. i run my left hand on the left wall. i am wearing my steel armor. the wallpaper is gray with black embellishments. victorian? i can’t tell, it’s too blurry. there is a light at the end.

suddenly i am at the window. there’s a balcony in front of me. it’s nighttime outside, with a roundabout and courtyard in front of the house i’m in. a black horse gallops wildly on the smooth dirt. wolves howl in the distance. beyond the estate there are black forests and mountains. it’s cloudy.

the horse becomes gienah who flies to my arm. “it’s been a while.” we fly.

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