Journeys to Meet My Reiki Guides

As I wrote in my last post, I have three reiki guides who can assist me with reiki healing and treatments. One of them is the goddess Persephone, but the other two were unknown at the time of the divination. So I underwent two journeys this morning to find them, introduce myself, and confirm our partnership.

The first journey to meet my ancestor took more time.

I started out in my staging area in my castle. After checking the defenses from my central command console, I walked onto the balcony where Gienah waited for me. He was horse-sized, though still had his crow form. I explained that I need to meet my ancestor who is also my reiki guide, so I climbed onto his back and we flew to the river where the giant crocodile lives. Bowing on the bank in front of it, I explained my purpose for this journey. It opened its huge maw and pointed its snout down the path to my ancestors’ village.

The two ancestor spirits I’d met before were at the fire, as usual. I first confirmed if they were indeed Jorge and Margarita, and they smiled at me in affirmation. I asked them if they know the ancestor who is meant to be my reiki guide; Jorge shook his head, and Margarita was about to shake hers when she stopped herself. I rephrased my question then, asking if they know of her, and they both nodded, smiling. Jorge showed me a white candle with a white ribbon wrapped around it, and I immediately understood the display to mean that whoever this ancestor is deserves a place on the ancestor shrine. I said, “Of course,” and Jorge put the candle away.

They stood then and took my hands, Jorge to my left and Margarita to my right. Everything went black momentarily, then suddenly, we three (and Gienah) were standing on a cliff overlooking a forested valley. Down below, a machine was violently cutting down trees, though it didn’t seem to be making any progress, either. My ancestors and I flew across to the other side of the valley where we entered a cave in the side of a mountain. We ended up in a small chamber in the rock where a small, old woman sat cross-legged against the far wall. She had long white hair, a weathered face, and wore a white dress. Immediately, I knew who she must be.

I groveled in front of her and offered a bowl of rice (I don’t know where it came from) and the white candle Jorge had showed me earlier. The old woman ate the rice, then lit the candle just by touching it. I explained my reiki attunement to her and how she had shown up as one of my reiki guides during said attunement. Upon hearing this, she beckoned me to sit in front of her. I did, waiting patiently as she first placed her hands on my head, then on both sides of my face, then my shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and finally the tops of my feet. Then she nodded to herself, as if satisfied.

I asked the old woman who she is. She pulled a piece of paper out of thin air and handed it to me, but the writing on it was in a language I couldn’t recognize or read. I asked if this was her name, to which she nodded. When I told her I couldn’t read it, she gave me another piece of paper that had one word on it: ACT. I immediately got the impression that she wanted me to do more — but with what, I couldn’t tell.

The old woman then stuck two fingers into my throat, fished around for a second, then started pulling out a long, long white cloth. It kept going, like one of those never-ending ribbons magicians pull out of their mouths. Finally, she pulled the whole thing out, nodding again as if satisfied.

I looked down at the papers in my hands and realized I could read both of them. The first paper she had given me now read: TRUTH SPEAKER.

Before I could say anything, the old woman gently rubbed her thumb on my throat, on the same spot where she pulled out the cloth. When she withdrew the thumb, there appeared to be blood on it, which she used to draw a circle on the air around my head. She held out her hands, and the circle was sucked into my head. She nodded once more with satisfaction.

I asked the woman if I should call her Truth Speaker, to which she nodded affirmatively. I realized she was a babaylan, a tribal healer from the pre-colonial Philippines, and that her real name was lost to time. Truth Speaker was a duty, a role, and her only form of identity now. I also realized it is something I should do, too.

The old woman waved her hand to shoo me out of her cave. I stood and thanked her, then Jorge and Margarita led me outside. Gienah waited at the entrance. I climbed onto his back, waved goodbye to my ancestors, and flew back to my castle.

My second journey was much shorter.

I started out in my castle’s staging area again, and Gienah was already waiting for me on the back of one of the couches by the roaring fireplace. I sat down next to him and explained that I need to meet my fylgja, my last reiki guide.

“I know,” Gienah said. “But that is not something you should see.”

“I know,” I said. “But I am a völva now, so I can.”

“Yes. Things have changed.”

That settled, we sat in silence together on the couch as I stared intently into the fire. Somehow, I understood that that’s where my fylgja would appear. And after a moment, it did, taking the form of a fluffy, tawny-furred bobcat. It sat down on the floor in front of me and returned my stare.

“Are you my fylgja?” I asked.

“Yes,” came a low, female voice.

“What’s your name?”


Over the course of our brief conversation, I confirmed that she is one of my reiki guides and that she will show up for other work as well, should I choose to put in the effort. (“That is one of my duties. One of my many duties.”) But when it comes to reiki, she will always show up if I ask her to. She also said something along the lines of, “I am you and you are me.”

Then she disappeared in a gentle burst of flame.


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