What is My Witchcraft Aesthetic?

I’m trying to pin down my witchcraft aesthetic and methods. I am definitely an urban witch, but not in the sense of “adapting woods witchcraft to a city.” I’m not a technowitch either; I’m very particular about touch, so I like having physical objects–books, tarot cards, etc. I thought maybe making a photoset would help me out, so I started clicking around tumblr for ideas.

Corporate witchcraft is super interesting to me. My work is not my life, but I love the idea of a stylish, chic witch woman (me) navigating the corporate maze with her subtle witchiness. Things like planning projects and launches around the moon phases, wearing different perfumes depending on what blessing you want, casting a pick-me-up spell into your Starbucks coffee, using your spare change as offerings to the gods and spirits, keeping a sigil for safe travels on your luggage tag… I love all of that. Modern, classy, urban witchcraft.


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