Journey 10/3

a long dark hallway, with torches on the right. i run my left hand on the left wall. i am wearing my steel armor. the wallpaper is gray with black embellishments. victorian? i can’t tell, it’s too blurry. there is a light at the end.

suddenly i am at the window. there’s a balcony in front of me. it’s nighttime outside, with a roundabout and courtyard in front of the house i’m in. a black horse gallops wildly on the smooth dirt. wolves howl in the distance. beyond the estate there are black forests and mountains. it’s cloudy.

the horse becomes gienah who flies to my arm. “it’s been a while.” we fly.

we fly into the black woods. the wolves howl. we skim the bottoms of the smoke gray clouds. suddenly we break through the low cloud cover and there is a black castle in the distance on the mountain with lights in the windows. i’m reminded of dracula. wolves howl as gienah and i circle the castle, rising with the towers. i am on the highest point and i feel like that is not right. suddenly i am on the parapet next to gienah. i look at him, i look back at the parapet and i am human again. we look down at the wolves who have gathered at the foot of the castle, in the clearing between the building and the forest. they howl at me, their master. i am home?

i am reminded of dracula again. i think i chuckle to myself but i can’t remember.

the music changes and i am in front of the main castle door, in the courtyard. for a second i think the miyazaki deer is behind me, or beyond the door. i put my hands on the wood and gienah comes to me.

suddenly i am in a tunnel moving slowly backward. it reminds me of the metro because there are regular intervals of light and shadow. light from electric torches.

i notice that my physical body feels different this time than when i have journeyed before. instead of my weight in my feet, the pyrite in my hands is pulling all of my weight to it. it is throbbing. my hands are on fire but not hurting. i can feel my blood pulsing against the crystal.

darkness. gienah shows momentarily as a human, thin, male, black hair, black clothes, semi-formal. like a sports jacket and nice trousers. i cannot see his face. we are looking out together – at a window?

the music changes and he says i must go. gienah is a crow again. we shoot off into the clouds, breaking the cloud layer. above us are blackness and stars. gienah’s constellation corvus is above us. somehow we break through space and we are above the clouds again – the pink clouds i remember, with the occasional mountain peaks. gienah says something. i don’t remember. i shoot up the dirt tunnel back to the entrance, the hole in the ground i entered in. at the door, i ask him if i can summon him to my physical world from the otherworld. he says yes, but we must use a secret phrase if we were to meet in the physical world, to make sure he is who he says he is. but he says that is for next time.

the door behind me opens and the light pulls me back.


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