Reiki Notes + Homework


  • heart of garnet. Scott gave me a bead of malachite that Tyr said belongs to me and will help me with my heart issue
  • an issue with my throat, connected to my heart
  • cleaned out some misc gunk in my hips + uterus triangle, right thigh, throat
  • destroyed some shackles that bound my hands to my feet to some indiscernible point, Scott believes someone threw a casual curse in my direction, it’s gone now
  • my ancestors are great and love me
  • I have a spider silk line of energy connecting Craig and me at the pond of the wind (acupuncture point behind right ear)
  • my aura is the color of red wine, the texture of paper ashes
  • my energy is the same garnet/red wine color, though it was initially reluctant and showed white (color of potential)
  • my shield is plates of steel riveted together then three layers of industrial foam
  • the energy centers in my head and the energy centers at my feet were fine but middle was withered
  • my third eye was encased in a brass ingot, and whatever was inside did not want to be touched. Aleja started filing it down and as she worked, it turned to sandstone, so she threw water on it to make it smaller without harming the object inside. Then at a certain point it refused to come out, so she offered it a box made of the same material as sunglasses lens that you can’t see through, and it was okay with this.
  • Anubis took a bone, made it bigger, and blew it into five points in my body (shoulders, core, knees)
  • my hands were blocked and when Aleja unblocked them, their energy shot out into the distance. She thinks I need to do more with my hands.


  1. Practice visualizing and working with my shield every day for a few weeks.
  2. Soften my heart.
  3. Speak more truth.
  4. Journey more to encourage the third eye chakra to open up.

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